Para Karate


Para-Karate refers to a modality of Karate in which competition rules have been established in order to accommodate fair competitions among athletes with disabilities. Para-Karate is focused on developing the ancient discipline of “kata” for wheelchair athletes, visually impaired athletes and athletes with mental disabilities.

In 2006 the World Karate Federation created the Para-Karate Commission in an effort to develop and promote Karate to athletes of all disabilities. Since then, Para-Karate is a fully integrated part of the operations of the World Karate Federation.

In 2015 the World Karate Federation became a recognized IF by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) , thus reflecting the federation’s progress and ongoing work in developing Para-Karate.

In 2012 Para-Karate was presented to the public for the first time at the World Championships in Paris in a demonstration competition. 2014 and 2016 followed the official Para-Karate World Championships in Bremen (Germany) and Linz (Austria). Participation in the Championships has been growing steadily since then. The year 2018 will be a glorious year for the growing community of Para-Karate Athletes, since the first European Para-Karate Championships in Novi Sad (Serbia), and the World Championships in Madrid (Spain) will be true milestones the development of the modality.

Two times paralympian Achmat Hassiem performs Kata at the Commonwealth Karate Championships – 2018

Achmat “Sharkboy” Hassiem, a two times Paralympic medallist (London & Brazil) and a Ashihara Karate black belt performs a modified version of Kumite Kata Yon (4) at the WKF Commonwealth Karate Championships held in Durban, South Africa in Nov 2018. He chose this kata to show that even with a prosthesis anything is possible. With Karate being included in the 2020, Achmat can be a contender for the Para Karate component.

Achmat has been a student of Kaicho Hoosain Narker since the early nineties and has won several karate championships before his life changing accident. Achmat is one of the fortunate having survived a great white shark attack and then recovered to carry on with life. A perfect example of ‘Seven times down, Eight time up. More of him can be read on the following page click here.

Tokey Hill (USA Karate Head Coach) & Sonny Pillay (CKF President) congratulating Achmat Hassiem & Hoosain Narker on obtaining gold medals in the Para division.